If the agency and the client don’t understand each other during the campaign, the results will be tearful. The key aspect of communication is reporting. The Go Mobile agency shares tips on how to make reports for the clients.

How to get ready for work

Step №1. Agree on the aims, tools, deadlines and KPI


How should the agency communicate with clients to avoid conflicts and reach the best results? Read Go Mobile check-list that is dedicated to agreements between the client and the agency.

What to negotiate?


Discuss the global goal, the agency’s strategy in it, KPI of every campaign and supplemental KPI regarding traffic quality.

Go Mobile agency discusses mistakes that 80% of young designers make when compiling their portfolio. Learn how to make a better portfolio, so it does not ruin communication with the customer and you get the job.

Often, talented designers miss great opportunities because of their carelessness or because they consistently…

2020 and remote work radically changed the way people think about workflow and communication. In this article, Go Mobile explains how to build communication with colleagues and clients so that they won’t flinch from your messages and will be willing to answer you.

COVID-19 has forced the entire world to…

In 2018, Go Mobile digital agency opened an office in Jakarta. From that moment on, we managed to make mistakes, disprove all our hypotheses and launch a new office 2.0.

We tell people “We have an office in Indonesia” and always hear two questions:

  • Why Indonesia?
  • How’s it going there?

Sales and marketing are two sides that can not be separated. Initially, the marketing team captures prospects, then the sales team provides product knowledge. However, not all leads become customers. The structure of the digital marketing funnel is very essential in determining how the sales turns out. …

In 2018, Go Mobile opened an office in Indonesia. Since then, we managed to get the first customers, move and completely renew the team.

For the last years in response to “we have an office in Indonesia” we have been constantly asked two questions:

  • Why Indonesia?
  • How is it going…

COVID-19 drastically changed the promotional landscape within the Fashion industry. Based on the La Redoute case Go Mobile agency explains how to retain customers and increase the number of purchases during the pandemic.

Coronavirus and quarantine caused multibillion losses in the fashion industry. It affected not only businesses with an…

In this article, Go Mobile explains what people do in digital marketing and what you need to do to get into the industry. Spoiler: you don’t need to sell your soul.

Marketing is not just selling and profiting from it. It involves creation of strategic chains, hypothesis testing, and generation…

Why create your own DSP, if there are giants like Google? Read about it in the new article by Go Mobile that shared information about pitfalls, approaches, and solutions when developing a technology system.

With the help of such schemes, we explain how programmatic works

White Label period

The history of Go Mobile began in 2015, at the same time we began to develop…

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